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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  March 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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than 10,000. almost half a million people are in shelters. and president obama signed a book of condolences today in washington calling for a safety review of all u.s. nuclear plants and offered assurances that harmful levels would not reach the west coast. >> now, state health officials are trying to reassure us tonight that the west coast does not face a serious threat from japan. this one is in san francisco. and uc berkeley scientists put up one on top of the engineering building. california's director of public health says reports are not true. >> there are winds shift sog some will be blowing west. almost all will get washed out by storms that are there and dissipate. >> dr. backer says there may
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be a slight increase in radiation over next few day buzz amount will be no greater than what we're exposed to on a daily basis. >> many people continue to have concerns about dangerous radiation reaching our shores. rain freedman has been following this story and not everyone believes what they hear from the government. >> that is true. it's more of mistrust. and there are a lot of people still buying radiation dedoctors on ebay, and are buying pills in stores. and there are people saying they wonder if they're being deal you'ded. >> what do you trust? >> it's a big question. >> a couple soaked up solar radiation. so called traces from japan, once that models have coming our way are another issue. >> there is a regular degree
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of delusion in this. >> there is a cliche about dilution is the solution to pollution. advantage we have from afar is both distance and time. >> and in san francisco paul connelly and the staff of this foundation pondered misconceptions of the story. and what we have here, they say has become a classic failure. >> this afailure of the u.s. administration to explain what is going on to people. we have not had straight talks in the japanese industry on this to expect more of the u.s. government. >> officials say these store shore dmotz face a significant health threat. academics do say japan and parts of aishar at right after this ook well, hundreds of kilo meters depending on wind.
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so there is a stigma. when you can't see, touch or feel a threat it becomes more ominous. but traces of it is all we have coming our way, they say. trace autos kinds of radiation we're likely to be exposed to are less than you'd get during an x ray or a high level flight. nothing of serious concerns. >> so this is loud and clear. remember, from end of world war ii, dozens of nuclear bombs were tested in the pacific, more potent radiation reached our shores from tests than we'll see from japan. and we're still here.
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>> so far no aircraft or passengers entering today tested positive for radiation. dedoctors are being used by u.s. customs and border protection at sfo. and passengers may not ab ware they're being monitored. getting a flight out has proven to be near limb possible. people are driving for hours to get out from other airports. >> there is people leaving because they didn't have proper visas to get out of the country. >> state department is using charter flights to get employees out of japan. >> and we've been talking about japan's nuclear power plants. what about ours? the nuclear disaster in japan is raising concerns about california's nuclear power plants at the diablo county plant two. years ago a fault was discovered just a half mile from a reactor.
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now lawmakers want a safety review. >> you remember 2003 the quake rocked a town of paso robls? it shook up the town pretty bad. it was a 6.5. had no affect on the nuclear power plant. but... the earthquake qualities that are closer to the plant are now raising concerns and the president and senator boxer both calling on nrc to conduct a review. >> this planlt was designed initially to withstand a major quake, a fault scientists knew about in 1968. roughly 70 miles away n 1971 discovery another fault force aid redesign. and then, two years ago, another one discovered just a half mile from the plant. >> this is a very close to the
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shore line. >> they led the team to discover the fault. >> and near the fault we haven't determined that at this time. >> original estimates put the quake phone shall at 7.5. pg&e recently petitioned to lower that number. >> into this 6.5 region. >> but the director does not agree with numbers. >> we would say this would still be capable of a 7.5 quake. >> this commission says they'll study projections and san luis obispo state senator sam blakesly is calling on pg&e to withdraw to extend the life of the plant for another 20 years. and pg&e says it's moving ahead. the chair of the mission was
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asked does diablo canyon sit on a fault? the wansz indirect. >> with the plants in california they're designed to a very robust seismic standard and for ones on the coast they're also designed to dweel a very significant tsunami. >> and there is a question is could they be underestimating phone shall? engineers in japan probably thought they're building a plant that would hold up. the difference is that our faults don't have the same structure, california has slipped strike faults sliding side to side in japan, we're seeing results of faults where one plate is nufing -- moving under another. a plate the size of maryland moved 10-20 feet. more potential for a larger quake and tsunamies. >> right. not the case in california. >> no. we've got slip strike, side to side. shake you up, but... won't flood you with a
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tsunami. >> thank you. >> and later tonight a detailed look at what's happening inside of the power plant and why the japanese may be taking the wrong approach to containing it this, is a picture of a vigil starting in japantown to honor victims of the quake. there are dozens of people, as you can see, attending. the community congress also kicked off a fund raising drive to help provide relief supplies to people in japan. organizers tell us money will go to the people of japan. >> and we'll have more on the quake and aftermath in our next half hour. right now, perjury trial of barry bonds is set to begin on monday and there is 50 potential jurors reported to court as the judge dealt another blow on what evidence those jurors would see. >> barry bonds defense lawyer scored a win today. the judge deny aid request to
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use 11 voice mail messages during their nine-year relationship calling them at most very marginal in terms of rel convenience. alan -- rel convenience. -. >> there is no foundation, nobody, i think is argued they're evidence of anything that has anything to do in this case z maybe it's about time to get down to what evidence is, or isn't. >> prosecutors argue tapes are evidence of a growing steroid-induce rage. >> it's an argument. one we're able to move now from arguments in theories to evidence. >> today a pool of 50 perspective jurors came to court to fill out question yairs and will return on monday for questioning by the lawyers on both sides. and this there is question number 46, whether should should be involved in
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regulating steroid use. dean johnson says that is the prosecution efforts to weed out people who don't care whether or not bonds lied. >> there are a lot of people out there think that given the government's current financial situation, we shouldn't be spending tens of millions to get involved in professional sports. >> bonds is on trial for three counts of perjury and one of obstructing justice arks accused of lying to a 2003 federal grand jury about knowingly using performance enhancing drugs. >> and in sacramento, the next question is whether republicans will go along with a governor's tax extension. there is a lot of push about putting that on the june ballot. and nannit miranda reports. >> lawmakers plow through
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another $6 billion to $7 billion it's clear the proposal to put the tax e tensions will be a last bill considered. some find cuts hard to swallow. >> it's simple f you're not for cutting you're not gore giving people right to extend taxes and might as well have an empty seat. >> there is a tough decision. last time republicans vote forward taxes a southern california radio station put their heads on a stick via a web site. republican convention censured them. the next is this weekend tr. tl is a resolution to label anyone who agree as a traitor, influential blogger john fleeshman says threats don't carry that much weight. >> no one is giving legislatures enough credit. i think reality is that they're not voting for taxes because taxes are bad policy.
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>> and governor brown says it paikz it hard to negotiate. >> there is a situation in america, receipting -- letting people vote becomes an acts of terrorism we're in a serious situation. >> there is still a splinter group of senators trying to get reforms in exchange for yes vote on the special election. a move some republicans say is what the party should be about. >> if they negotiate to get reforms and solutions on the ballot, that present a wider perspective of the g.o.p., they're no traiter in my book. the republican party needs to be more than just the party of no. >> because of a lawmaker, lawmakers can now pass budgets based on simple majority, being used for the first time this year for various parts of the spending plan. republicans are baiting democrats to use this method to call that special election. and lawmakers are done for the day and are on call throughout
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the weekend and back here monday morning to tackle the last four remaining bills after acting on 16 of them this week. >> and still ahead tonight a shocking new revelation in the jaycee dugard abduction. why prosecutors do not believe the kidnappers deserve mercy. >> and family and friends paying tribute to a surfer who lost his life at mavericks. his widow takes a moment to remember. >> a new storm arriving friday. a stronger
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a major new revelation in the jaycee dugard kidnapping. prosecutors say one of the suspects videotaped a 5-year-old child to provide her husband with perverse entertainment two years after the couple abducted dugard in 19816789 they held her at their home 18 years. defense attorneys say the prosecutor is being tub yorn, refusing to offer a deal that would set nancy garrido free. >> people have chosen to go this route. it could be simpler in my view. and still, obtain a lengthy prison sentence for nancy. >> today's hearing was put off until next month while two sides negotiate a plea deal. >> surfing community reacting to the death of big wave surfer from hawaii, dying at mavericks last night off of half moon bay.
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his friends say he lost his life doing what he loved. his wife is on the back of the jet ski, making peace with the water that took her husband's life. friends and family from hawaii gathered on the beach with flowers to pay tribute to the big wave surfer rise together top of his sport. >> loved big surf. you can just tell by the way he rode waves. he was fearless and had skill and ability to do it. >> this you tube video from window seat pictures shows his skill at riding waves he loved. people in the water on wednesday say the 35-year-old surfer from kuaui was held down by a series of waves 40 feet high. >> one is hard to take. two is going to put you over the edge. the third one, if you don't get to come up, you're going black out and probably that is what happened. >> the only other surfer known
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to have died here was also from hawaii. mark fu in 1994. there is a large walk memorial for fu and already, sion's name is etched in the sand. he leaves behind a wife two, young daughters and more admirers than he'll ever know. kenny collins was the last person to see him alive. >> a huge smile. this giant wave comes he's like hey, got to go. giant smile, just whipped it and went. that was the last time i saw him. like wow. and basically rode that wave, straight to heaven. >> moving on, sunshining today and don't get used to it lots of changes are on the way. sandhya patel is here now. >> waves will be building so we're still facing dangerous conditions out there.
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two storms coming up. over the next three days there is the accu-weather forecast wet beyond the weekend. there is showers there. you can see here around santa rosea, light returns near winsor. so continuing to see that throughout next couple hours. numbers now into 50s and 60s, here are the highlights. rain, wind friday. chance of thunderstorms and it's a stormy start to spring. satellite and radar, storm we're watching is this one this, is our new storm arriving friday. it has right dynamics to bring us heavy rain and wind. starting out tomorrow morning, the commute starts to get wet into the north bay at 5:00. and you'll notice a line of
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heavy rain starting to move in around 11:00 aem. -heavy rain starts to shift into santa cruz mountains and south bay by 3:00 in the afternoon. it doesn't end there. behind the front, still, wet weather going for evening get away. evening commute. could be some snow atop mount hamilton. 4,000 feet, snow level will be coming down to 3500 feet friday night into saturday. highest peaks could see a dusting of snow as we head into weekend. 11:00 p.m. numerous showers here. and by 11:00 p.m. friday, up to an inch and a half into santa cruz mountains. and there is half an inch to the inch for peninsula. brief periods of heavy rain. and there is a strong rip
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currents and minor coastal flooding. you can see wave heights around 10-12 feet w saturated soils and heavy rain expected flood watch issued friday throughout the weekend. watch out for low-lying flooding and rapid rises of streams and creeks are possible. heading further out a winter storm warning from tomorrow morning through saturday morning. we're talking about two to three feet of new snow above 7,000 feet. 12-18 inch as above 5,000 this is going to be a big snow maker. another storm will follow. tonight, temperatures into whos, tomorrow, wet one. windy one as well, winds 20-po, temperatures into 50s and 60s, need umbrellas for friday. temperatures into low 60s, here is your accu-weather forecast. thunderstorms possible between friday night, saturday morning. showers for your saturday. spring beginning at:1.
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there are cooler conditions, wet weather right throughout the work week next week as you can see. so still coming up tonight highway sink hole on the central coast. >> how
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a stolen car this afternoon crashed into a parked car with two adults and four children inside. all six were injured. and these are sky 7 hd pictures. it happened at intersection of 60th avenue in east oakland. the victims all taken to the hospital but injuries are not believed to be life threatening. police looking for whoever was in the stolen car, car jacked last week. >> tourists heading to big sur face a major on sta cell after the ground collapsed. super bowl lane began crumbling around 5:00 last night. landslide following several days of rainy weather. caltrans believes it might take up to a month to repair damage. the slide forced caltrans to close highway 1, and local merchants worry this could take away between 50% to 70% of the business. residents need to find
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alternate route autos this will affect my wife's work, my children go to school down there. so we're not sure how goitsing to work out. >> there is no one hurt, and the patrol says this same part of highway one collapsed in 1998. >> and still head here tonight a detailed look at what is going on at that crippled nuclear plant in japan. why the japanese might be focused on the wrong solution. >> tonight fight outside a san francisco bar. why it marks a disturbing trend in hate crimes. >> knock, knock, who is there? gi, gi who? gee, i was sure here. >> how these children are trying to brightin lives ofñ
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>> good evening again, crews in japan are using helicopters and water cannons in an attempt to dus an overheated nuclear reactor and hours from restoring power to two other reactors to reactivate their cooling systems. they hope to get power all six reactors by sunday. harmful levels have been detected near the plant. now, some harmless radiation part cells are forecast to reach california tomorrow. president obama stressed today that we should not be were -- worried about a nuclear plume. >> we do not expect harmful levels to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. that is the judgment of our nuclear regulatory commission and other experts. >> the u.s. state department charted an evacuation flight of u.s. citizens out of japan. >> whit comes to averting nuclear disaster japan and u.s. differ on which damaged
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reactors poses a greatest risk. david louie explains what is at stake. >> the nuclear plant has six reactors. focus on numbers three and four. both have spent fuel rods tar at risk of heating up, releasing high levels of radiation. that is why helicopters and water cannons have been pouring sea water into reactors. officials say the process could take weeks to cool down the rod autos it's like using a squirt gun against a raging forest fire. they are clueless. >> the rods are made of enriched uranium. when taken out of service they have to be submerged in water, mixed with borax for three to four years until safe to move. this nuclear engineer at uc berkeley. >> if this is a big swooming pool, in this case not in
6:32 pm
primary containment. when you blow the roof off, it's out in the open. >> u.s. nuclear officials have been mostly concerned with reactor number four believing rods are fully exposed. japanese focused on number three. and this professor says reactor three's fuel pose a greater biological risk. the u.s. nuclear regulatory agency says japanese officials are cooperating, two sets of facts are leading to differences in opinion. an effort is underway to restore power the cooling system but it's unknown if systems still work. uc peter hozeman says they'll never work again after filled with sea water, reactors five and six under trouble. experts say temperatures are rising and are overheated. >> situation continues to be
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dynamic in japan. >> two-to-libya now. the u.s. security council approved a resolution authorizing a no-fly zone and the use of all necessary measures to protect libyan civilians. sources say the u.s. could begin imposing the no-fly zone almost media. pro-government sources encircled the eastern city of bengazi. libyan war planes went into deeper held territory today, state tv claims they plan plan to attack saturday. >> three men were formerly charged with a hate crime attack. two mexican nationals beaten, one horribly that. sort of race-based violence is rare in san francisco. but police say it's happening more often now. >> three men accused of the hate crime attack.
6:34 pm
>> there is information which links them to white supremacist groups. >> both victims are mexican nationals attacked in front of this bar just before midnight november 10th. saying one was beaten unconscious. >> surrounded by five individual who's punched and kicked them putting boots to him. >> he says he heard assailants yell "white power". today, they helped bring back one victim returning to mexico after the attack. he's agreed to testify. >> we are working together with the da. >> he says this city sex peer yensing something uncharacteristic. >> we're standing up to
6:35 pm
activity of people that associated with white supremacist group autos anthony weston is represented by stu hahnlin. he believes it was a drunken fight. >> some of the people may have been in a heated statement and made statements. i don't know. >> all three pleaded not guilty. trial is set for late april. a source close to the investigation tells us that this is just quote, the tip of the iceberg that authorities believe there have been more hate crime attacks which have gone unreported. >> and there are new applications for video game technology. >> it could help prevent th [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save.
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en -- there is a device that could be powered by a small panel. take a look at what it can do. this mosquito will be blasted out of the sky z in this super slow motion video provided by the developer the speed of the kill is like something out of a video game. and technically, that is not far off the mark. this company makes graphic processing units power animation in today's games, but those chips now do more. >> it's evolved into a gpu used for a processor in a variety of different applications where have you to interpret information. >> everything from 3 d imaging for hospitals to facial recognition for homeland security... and now, a research company funded in
6:40 pm
part by bill gates hopes to turn to gp to you. help power a laser beam system to kill mosquitoes. >> have you to recognize its a mosquito and that it's a female mosquito and then shoot it down that. recognition of trying to find that mosquito while it's flying is done on the gpu. >> the result is a so called laser fence designed to protect homes or villages from mosquitoes. if the technology seems like overkill, consider the real enemy is malaria. >> so richard beachham is the involved in a world war wide war on malaria and knows it's still taking a staggering toll. >> it kills a million people every year. most of those are children and most of them live in africa. >> current strategies using pesticides, but it's still
6:41 pm
present in 99 countries. >> and while inventors admit this won't be a complete solution they're working to make it cheaper and easier to deploy in the third world, hoping to partner with a company willing to mass produce it for use world wide, making make believe violence of gaming world to a real world enemy. they believe versions of the fence could be mass produced and sold for as little as 50s oodz fas that it -- that is fascinating. >> and knock knock jokes brightening lives of u.s. soldiers overseas and a new action thriller getting a good review. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ eat well, live long ♪ have a good daisy, work out, get strong ♪ ♪ when you need a lift, just sing a song ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy
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>> knock knock. >> who is there? >> livermore school children writing knock knock jokes to solders oversea autos who is the reporter? >> knock knock, who is there? gi? gi i was sure here. >> and there are students on a mission to make solders laugh. >> knock, knock. who is there? banana, banana who? orange? orange you glad to get rid of all of those bananas? >> what do you think happens when they're going to read that? >> they're going to laugh. >> idea to send jokes overseas was a brain child of this fourth grader. >> we're going to send soldiers
6:46 pm
jokes. we want wanted them to be happy. >> we got teary eyed about soldiers and she wanted to do something nice for them. she decided to send a knock knock joke. >> soon, her enthusiasm spread to the entire school. and all 700 students. >> it's nice to see their enthusiasm. giving them a laugh. >> i think giving this to them will make them happy. and make them think gf thing autos this f.they get something in the mail this, reminds them of home. >> from there, they will be hanlded off to blue star mom p moms sending them to us us soldiers oversea was a goal in mind. >> and let's get another check
6:47 pm
on the stormy forecast. >> first storm arrives tomorrow. there is a new storm here that is gathering around it. there is heavy rain and looking at showers with breezy conditions mid-50s to low 60s, don't put rain gear away. thunderstorms that are developing, showers saturday, stormy set up for sunday, talking about rain and wind again sunday. showery monday, tuesday. and rain wednesday, the story never ends, it's a wet thursday. there are showers, spring begins this week, sunld at 4:21 p.m. that looks like winter. there is each and every day with rain. >> looks like heavier rain, too. >> absolutely. again, sunday.
6:48 pm
those are the two storms. >> thank you. >> and so what if you can take a pill and become the smartest person in the world? there is a down side to this. here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> bradley cooper takes a pill changing his life. it had been bleak. broke, depressed and unwashed trying to write a novel. then his former brother-in-law gives him a med said we just use 20% of our brain this, pill let's him use it all. suddenly he remembers everything he's ever seen and wk becomes a brilliant strategist. >> that is robert denearo. >> what is your secret? >> medication. >> bradley cooper channeling gavin newsom.
6:49 pm
he shows he can be an action hero type, too. >> do you think someone is watching? >> and there are others after him for meds and there are bad side affects but what is in this pill? companies come in for a rap. just when tension builds to high pressure, there is some comedy. >> what it does is puts me 50 moves ahead of you. >> this is a visually inventive film. the pill makes you vulnerable. so we feel for bradley cooper. i think this is a break out role for him. i like the way this came together. the ending seems like a separate film there. is one yucky scene. you say no. no. he's not going to do that, but then, he does. it isn't limitless, but it's one of the best things to come around this year, i'll give it
6:50 pm
three quarters of a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> and march madness kicks off with a upset in
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join me tonight at 9:00, cable channel 13. coming up at that time from free to feed. and plans to charge leader leaders -- yeerds on the internet. >> and affect of the crisis on and now, ton sports and march madness and you can watch games throughout the day and afternoon. and and ncaa tournament kicks off today with two questions. which big upsets are we going to see? what channel is futv on? they're carrying a bunch of
6:54 pm
games. louisville, cardinals fourth seed in the southwest region playing moorehead state. and there is eagles close to within two. and forget the tie. he's going for the lead tlchl is the three. and louisville in bounds with 4.2 seconds left. you make the call here. is he fouled? no call. rejected at the buzzer. >> there is a media time out. coaching saying look at it, he dreamed about this last night. he said i know where i'm going. and i don't want you to go driving through the hole. i want to you pull up and win the game. he told me in a media time out. i said coach i'm going hit the shot he did. will be the 13th seeded team against richmond. and kevin anderson on fire against vanderbilt. three for the tie and lead. then, this moving 25 for
6:55 pm
mr. anderson. and there is 69-66 with a classic. and there is is a fade away and last second magic against old dough minutinnin. there is is a lay in, finishes for 20. and there is a final shot, and lays it in. and time expires. bull dogs advance in a thriller. >> and there no doubt we're going win it butler meets pittsburgh next. and unc asheville's rain is
6:56 pm
ever knocked off. west region, penn state trailing and less than 20 seconds left. taylor battle making it rain. 23 for battle. and final seconds, juan fernandez picks up in no man's land. he's stuck and going to make the shot. penn state inbound, game over. and they'll lead two seet seed san diego state and there is prince tn giving kentucky all they can handle. back and forth into the second half there is a step back to tie it. five seconds left. brandon knight, scoreless until listening to giving connecticut a two-point lead. interest tl is kentucky surviving and moving on to, playing west virginia with a
6:57 pm
win. tigers might have been tired and they're a playing game tuesday. and three runs to beat the cubs, going along with a strong start by geo gonzales. and green hats, green beards. and is a second inning, the maui boy says aloha, two-run homer, a's going on to beat chicago. >> fun stuff. >> thank you, larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> good night, everyone. closed captioning services, inc.
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